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Cheryl Jost


Cheryl Jost, former Turner Syndrome Society of St. Louis Chapter President, ​​​was ​​interviewed by Channel 5 Medical Reporter, Kay Quinn to discuss Turner Syndrome. See the February 28, 2014 interview here.​​​​​​ Cheryl Jost has also written a book giving an inside personal view of living with Turner Syndrome through the eyes of an adult TS woman. The goal is to educate the public about TS with accurate information, try to break down stereotypes/misconceptions, and bring hope and support to newly diagnosed TS families. She has been working on this book for many years and has just recently published it!!.
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Sophie Zambrano


Sophie, age 9, has been spreading TS awareness this month in honor of February being Turner Syndrome Awareness Month. She was spotlighted on her Elementary School's Facebook Page by sharing the symptoms in hopes that parents will recognize undiagnosed daughters. The "West Newsmagazine" picked up the story and interviewed her to bring even more awareness across West County! Read the magazine article here.​ Way to go Super-Sophie! ​​ 


Meet Avyanna...a horse with Turner Syndrome!

Recently, a good friend of mine contacted me about her 5 month old horse. She just received the karyotype report and learned the horse has Turner Syndrome! ​Meet Avyanna! My friend, Gloria Bahn, is desperate to help the horse. Therefore, I am reaching out to you. She has been working with both human doctors and veterinarians, as the veterinarians do not know anything about TS in horses! She is trying to gather information to help the horse with hormone therapy. If you have any studies or articles about TS in animals, or if you can think of someone that would be knowledgeable on this topic, please contact Gloria directly at


Our local TS group here in St. Louis took a field trip out to the farm to meet Avyanna personally on November 12, 2016! My TS daughter was very excited to meet Avyanna, she naturally has an underlying connection to the horse! We noticed many similarities between the horse and the TS girls: short stature, moles, very intelligent, and the lovely TS mood swings/melt downs we have all come to know! We had such a fun time! Gloria had a veterinarian and the horse's trainers there to learn from our TS group. One of Gloria's main goals is to be able to concurrently help both the horse and the girls with TS. I think we can accomplish that! We look forward to visiting Avyanna again next year for some horse back rides - after she has been broken in and trained! Thank you Gloria for extending an invitation to our TS circle of friends to come out to your beautiful horse farm! 

Jill Shelby


Jill Shelby, a 43 year old woman with TS, and her husband James would like to announce that they are parents!! Baby Ryker James was born January 7, 2017, and added to their family through the miracle of adoption! Ryker was a very healthy 6 pounds 10 ounces and 20 inches long! The Shelbys began their adoption journey in the fall of 2011. As the adoption agency they chose was very small, they eventually signed up with a second agency. They also did a lot of marketing themselves on their own in hopes of being seen by the right expectant family. In October of 2016 they were chosen to be Ryker’s parents! They plan on having an open adoption with Ryker’s birth mom. Jill says that anyone considering adoption should seek out a strong support network, either through a mentor who has built her family through adoption, or through a Facebook support group, and do lots of reading!