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Our local Turner Syndrome group offers support and a sense of community to those dealing with TS. This support group provides opportunities for individuals with Turners Syndrome to celebrate successes and build friendships, as well as a safe place to discuss fears and troublesome experiences.

Parents of girls with TS gain information to help their daughters, and the chance to network both with other parents and with successful adult women with TS.​

Adults and young adults with TS have a place to discuss topics related to TS, connect with others and enjoy social events together with new friendships.

Young children with TS have an opportunity to meet other girls with similar characteristics and build life-long friendships.

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What is Turner Syndrome?


It is a chromosomal condition that exclusively affects 1 in 2000 girls and occurs when one of the two X chromosomes normally found in females is missing or incomplete. A simple blood test, called a karyotype, will check for the absence of all or part of one X chromosome.

Under-diagnosis and delayed diagnosis of TS is a real problem, with the average age of diagnosis at 15 years, arriving too late for life-altering treatments, early interventions, and most importantly health screenings for a potentially fatal heart defect. The main goal of awareness is to reduce the age of a girl being diagnosed with TS from middle school age to early elementary school age.

Some of the possible indicators of TS are: short stature (average height untreated 4’8”), frequent ear infections, delayed puberty, wide short neck, small jaw, triangular face, many moles, puffy hands and feet, high arched palate, verbally gifted, low set ears and hairline, lazy eye, broad chest, drooping eyes, dental problems, upturned fingernails, educational difficulties (particularly math), social issues and anxiety.

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